Positioning of Mozambique in the International Trade

22 Feb 2017

Trade Flows in Mozambique - Trends and Policy Measures

This report seeks to analyse the position of Mozambique in the international trade in the period of 2010-2015 visà-vis relations with principal trade partners. This analysis essentially systematizes the information signaling the status of various socio-economic factors which are influencing the performance of economy.


  • Mozambique’s trade flows, especially the value and volume of imports and exports, are important data to understand the situation of Mozambique in the international trade, and to take corrective measures to the country’s less favorable position
  • There is a need to explore all the avenues offered by the greater openness of international trade, the global population increase, as well as the dynamics in the indicators of the ease of doing business, particularly in the regional markets
  • The challenge is to orient the government to define trade policies, to benefit more from trade opportunities in regional and international markets with the aim of improving the balance of payment, and creating new jobs and using trade as a tool for reducing poverty

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