Mozambique welcomes the world for Third Review Conference on personnel land mines ban

Maputo Review Conference
A land mine being deactivated in Southern Mozambique


Fifteen years after the first conference was held here, Mozambique capital Maputo welcomes the world for the Third Review Conference of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel  Mines and on their Destruction , June 22 to 27, 2014.


Since the first conference in 1999, much has changed both nationally and globally.


“We’ve made great progress towards eliminating the threat of landmines in Mozambique.” says Alberto Maverengue Augusto, the Director of the National Demining Institute (IND). He continues, “with the assistance of our international partners, including the UNDP, we are sure we can reach our common goal of a mine-free Mozambique.” 


The goal of a mine-free Mozambique was once thought to be unattainable, now, though access to minefields continues to pose challenges, it is possible that Mozambique will clear all known mine suspected areas by the end of the year. In the last five years alone, has overseen the clearance of X million square meters of areas suspected mined areas and the destruction of over 30,000 landmines.


Ending the suffering caused by landmines is the goal of the Mine Ban Convention and a goal that numerous UN organizations and agencies have been working towards, both in Mozambique and internationally. From the very early stages of the peace process to today, UNDP along with UNICEF, the WHO and other UN agencies and Humanitarian Partners  have worked to clear landmines, educate people about the risks they pose and assist landmine survivors.


UNDP specifically has worked with the government and national agency to build up national capacity in mine clearance. Today, the suspected mined areas in six provinces have been cleared and released back to communities for agricultural production and socio-economic activities.

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