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  • Community participation increases access to social services in Mozambique

    People in Mozambique still have limited access to social services such as potable water, education, health, justice, among others. These challenges are more acutely experienced by the most vulnerable rural populations and in urban suburbs. However, the situation is gradually changing due to decentralization which allows for more community participation at the local level.

  • Disaster Risk Resilient Livelihoods Recovery in Gaza Province.

    With the onset of the cyclical rainy season and flooding, from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October, the Mozambique National Disaster Management Institute (INGC) with UNDP support distributed four disaster-preparedness kits to communities living in the Guija District.

  • Millennium villages have empowered people to improve tiheir lives

    The Millennium Villages seek to end extreme poverty by working with the poorest of the poor, village by village throughout Africa, in partnership with governments and other committed stakeholders, providing affordable and science-based solutions to help people lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

  • Mozambique Launches HDR 2014

    Mozambique launched the Human Development Report 2014 today in the capital city Maputo.

  • Mozambique declared “mine free”

    More than 20 years after its civil war ended, the Government of Mozambique announced on September 17, that the country was free from the threat of landmines, meaning there are no more known minefields in the country

  • Mozambique launches an environment conservation foundation

    On June 10, Mozambique launched a new, multi-million dollar conservation foundation known as the Biofund

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