Achieve universal primary education

Where we are?

 Children in class Most children are now enrolled in school (Photo: UNDP Moz)

Situation and trends

Primary Education (EP) in Mozambique comprises the 1st level (grade 1 to 5) and the 2nd level (grade 6 and7). The target here is to achieve universal primary education by 2015, i.e., 100% of school attending age children should be enrolled in primary education. This indicator for 2011 was 77.1%.

Constraints on the achievement of the targets for 2015

The increase of the school population in primary education is not always accompanied by the improvement of the quality of education; lack of classrooms is still being felt and a significant part of the 6 year-old children has no access to school; combined fail and dropout rates produce considerable school waste;  a high student/teacher; no law making primary education compulsory;  existence of cultural habits which give little importance to schooling in the rural areas; progress achieved in primary education creating  new challenges for the subsequent levels of education, namely general secondary and technical-professional education.


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