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 Mother feeding child A mother feeds her healthy baby (Photo: UNDP Moz. )

Situation and trends

The main target here is to reduce by two thirds the under five mortality rate between 1990 and 2015. The 2010 MDG report indicated that, the country had seen a continuous reduction of the neonatal, infant and child mortality rates in the past decade. However, the speed of these decreases has been less than in previous periods. The Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR) decreased from 57 obits in 1,000 live births (LB) in 1997 (IDS) to 48/1,000 LB in 2003 (IDS) and to 42 obits/1,000 LB in 2008 (MICS).

The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) decreased from 143.7/1,000 LB in 1997 (Censo 1997) to 101/1,000 LB in 2003 (IDS) and to 95.5/1,000 LB in 2007 (Censo 2007), while the Child Mortality Rate (CMR) or Under-Five Mortality Rate (<5MR) decreased between 1997 and 2003 from 245.3 to 154/1,000 LB, and to 147.2/1,000 LB in 2007 (Censo 2007). The target for child mortality is 67/1,000 LB and 108/1,000 LB by 2015. Mozambique has already achieved this Millennium Development goal although constraints still exists.

Constraints on the improvement of the targets for 2015

Insufficient availability of human resources, in terms of quantity as well as quality, and their capacity to rotate, is also a challenge the health sector is facing and may be one of the causes of the retrocession of the expansion of the IMCI and may put at risk the expansion of the Essential Newborn Baby Care.

Deficient information, monitoring and evaluation system, as well as deficient inter and intra-sector coordination. AIDS and malaria continue a threat for the achievement of MDG4. Though Mozambique is making significant progress in the children’s well-being, this continues not being shared in the same way by all households.

Recommendations for the achievement of the targets for 2015

There has to be fair allocation of qualified human resources for neonatal and infant health at all levels; strengthening of preventive activities and reduction of mortality due to serious acute malnutrition and chronic malnutrition;

Promotion of actions aimed at the improvement of the nutritional status of pregnant women and children; Strengthen the logistical system of the health sector for medicines and equipment as a fundamental strategy for the provision of quality newborn baby and child care;

Revitalization of the Elementary General Agent Programme and other initiatives at community level to strengthen the involvement of the community in neonatal and infant health activities, especially for the more vulnerable children and communities;


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