United Nations supports Maputo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World

Jun 21, 2014

A Mozambican demining worker

From the 22rd to the 27th of June, the Government of Mozambique will host a high-level meeting on the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC). The conference, which is known as the Maputo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World, will bring together 1,000 delegates from States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to advance the global effort to end the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines.

Over the course of the week, delegates of the 161 States Parties to the Convention together with observer delegations, will assess the progress that has been made in pursuit of the Convention’s humanitarian goals. These delegates will also adopt the Maputo Action Plan which will guide the implementation of the Convention over the next five years.

 This is the second formal diplomatic meeting that Mozambique has held on the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (also known as the Ottawa Convention); The First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention also known as the Ottawa Convention was held in Maputo city in 1999, shortly after the Convention came into force.

Since that time, global progress towards the Convention’s goals has been remarkable: new use of landmines is rare, mine clearance in many countries is completed or near-completion, stockpiles of landmines have been destroyed and the majority of landmine survivors are relatively better off. 

 Progress in Mozambique has also been tremendous. In the 1990s, Mozambique was very heavily-affected by mine contamination and the clearance of mines in Mozambique seemed a near-impossible task. Today, Mozambique is on track to complete mine clearance by the end of the year. This progress is due to the leadership of the Government of Mozambique and the support of national and international partners.

 The United Nations, and particularly the United Nations Development Programme, has been involved in mine action in Mozambique for over 20 years and welcomes this conference as an opportunity to mark the tremendous success that the mine action programme in Mozambique has made.

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