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Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change

Strengthening government and community capacities and frameworks for climate change adaptation and disaster resilience.  

Disaster Risk Resilient Livelihoods Recovery in Gaza Province

In response to the devastating floods that hit Mozambique from January to February 2013, UNDP Mozambique launched a two year project in support of disaster risk resilient livelihoods recovery of…  

Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Policy Dialogue for Development

This project builds on the experience and lessons learned from the implementation of the UNDP-supported Development Planning, Coordination and Monitoring project  

Adaptation in the coastal zones of Mozambique

The project has been designed to address the most urgent and immediate adaptation priorities and vulnerabilities of Mozambique  

Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight and Law Drafting

The project is formulated to contribute to improve the Mozambican Parliament’s monitoring capacity of the Executive regarding fiscal oversight and its capacity to legislative drafting, in line with…  

Support to Electoral Process through Improved Electoral Civic Responsibility

The project aims to streamline the electoral administration process as a strategy for improving democratic governance in the Mozambique. From the 1994 first general elections, Mozambique has benefited…  

Contributing to capacity development of the Mozambique Police

UNDP provide support aimed at improving the capacity of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in prevention and investigation of crimes.  

Strengthening Access to Justice, the Rule of Law and Human Rights Protection

The project builds on a 10-year long partnership between the Ministry of Justice and UNDP in this area. It aims at contributing to the UNDAF objective of strengthening democratic processes, ensuring…  

Project name: Increasing Agricultural Productivity via Private Sector Investment in Mozambique Millennium Villages

The project is mainly focused on piloting the use of a solar powered irrigation system to increase agricultural productivity in the Chibuto Millennium Village.  

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