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UNDP Mozambique provides support to Wildlife Conservation

UNDP Mozambique hands over bus to Wildlife Conservation Society to support conservation in Mozambique Niassa National reserve.  

SUNRED - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

The aims of this project is to contribute to sustainable development through efficient management of natural resources  

SUNRED Phase 2

The purpose of this project is to strengthen integration of poverty-environment-climate objectives into policies, plans, regulations and investments of Mozambique to accelerate delivery of the 2030…  

Cyclone Kenneth: UNDP Ready to Assist Reconstruction

UNDP in Mozambique expresses solidarity to the people and the Government of Mozambique on the aftermath of cyclone  

Mozambique hit by a second powerful cyclone in just six weeks

Mozambique has been hit by a second powerful cyclone in just six weeks after being fustigated by cyclone Idai on March 14-15  

UNDP Equator Prize 2019 Call for Nominations

The Equator Initiative announces a global call for nominations for the Equator Prize 2019.  

UN Secretary-General’s 2019 New Year’s Message

UN Secretary-General’s 2019 New Year’s Message  

Boletim Informativo do Fundo Mundial Para a Natureza em Moçambique

This brochure was developed under the project "Sustainable Financing of the Protected Areas of Mozambique" and documents part of the work of the three components (WWF, Gorongosa (GRP) and ANAC…  

Mozambique Brief 2015

The present country brief was prepared by UNDP Mozambique, as a part of efforts to further build up the repository of evidence and good practices on the implementation of the effective development…  

Africa Forum Focuses on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Development

Representatives from four African countries convened in Mozambique’s capital Maputo from August 26 to 28 for a south-south Leadership Development Forum on climate change and disaster risk reduction…  

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