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Millennium Development Goals Indicators Booklet

Millennium Development Goals Indicators Booklet

Jun 13, 2016

In order to better implement the 8 Goals, the country integrated and
aligned the MDGs with the National Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System. The Millennium Development Goals were translated into successive Government Five-Year Programs and its policy measures were reflected in the strategic sector plans, while the statistical system absorbed most of the 60 indicators in order to enable the availability of information for evaluating the progress of the targets set for 2015. This Booklet highlights the Indicators  

  • Despite the progress, Mozambique is still facing enormous challenges for the coming years under the new Post 2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The achievement of the progress described above took place in the midst of the challenges imposed by, among others, the famine conditions that are still in force among Mozambicans

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