Contributing to capacity development of the Mozambique Police

What is the project about?

 Police recruits in training (Photo:UNDP Moz)


UNDP support is aimed at improving the capacity of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in prevention and investigation of crimes. This phase of the project focuses on five areas, namely:

  • (a) Establishment of National Crime Observatory,
  • (b) Management Capabilities of PRM Planning, Budget and Data Collection,
  • (c) Operational Capabilities,
  •  (d) Human Resources and Professional Conduct and
  • (e) Cross-cutting issues such as Human Rights, Police Ethics, Gender Based Violence and HI and AIDS. 

What have we accomplished so far?

UNDP has supported the PRM since 1997. Previous phases notably focused on the establishment of the Academy of Police Sciences (ACIPOL), development of trainings and curricula, the creation of a Strategic Plan (2003-2012), rehabilitation of model police stations and testing of the pilot project of the Crime System Report. Support the specialized training in HIV/AIDS and GBV to more than 3,000 police officers yearly. Resources mobilization to support training of planning officers, mid-level ranks police officers, female leadership, Human Rights and Police Ethics. Improve the police stations service with basic legislation kits for all units.

Who Finances it?

Doner Name                        Amount Contributed
ONE UN JP FUND  USD 1.598.872,11

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

2012 USD 308.760
2011 USD 295,639.51
2010 USD 96.972

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