Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight and Law Drafting

What is the project about?

The project is formulated to contribute to improve the Mozambican Parliament’s monitoring capacity of the Executive regarding fiscal oversight and its capacity to legislative drafting, in line with its mandate. The project builds on the 4 years’ UNDP supported project “Strengthening of Parliament’s Fiscal Oversight”, whose area of coverage in this cycle is extended to support the area of legislation.

The strengthening of intuitional capacity will focus on the Parliament’s Permanent Commission and other specialized commissions. The commission on Planning, Budgeting and Finance will serve as the entry point for the strengthening of the fiscal oversight and improved transparency and accountability of management of public financial resources.

Furthermore, the other specialized commissions will also benefit from support, including in the area of gender, HIV and AIDS and youth. The project will also work to improve the IT and Media departments in order to improve the communication capacity and visibility of parliament.

The project will aim to achieve the following specific Outputs:

Output 1: Increased institutional capacity for oversight in parliamentary commissions of public finances and service delivery

Output 2: Institutional and technical capacity of parliamentary commissions strengthened to initiate and review legislation with stakeholder consultations.

What have we accomplished so far?

Capacity building of the Permanent Commission through the Bungeni (i-Parliament in Africa) workshop with the objective of improving its knowledge network and exchange through this African initiative for parliaments.

The Commission on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights and Legality carried out 6 provincial forums with citizens and local institutions within the framework of socialization of the draft Penal Code.   

Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount contributed per year
UNDP TRAC funds $350.0000
 UNDP TRAC funds $ 420,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Dec 2012 $  173,840.00

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