Disaster Risk Resilient Livelihoods Recovery in Gaza Province

What is the project about?

 Resilient LivelihoodsChildren in a greening awareness event in Mozambique (Photo: UNDP Moz)

In response to the devastating floods that hit Mozambique from January to February 2013, UNDP Mozambique launched a two year project in support of disaster risk resilient livelihoods recovery of flood-affected communities in Gaza province. 

In close partnership with National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) at national, provincial and district levels, local government institutions, affected communities and where possible the private sector, the project seeks to restore enabling environment for flood-affected communities in Gaza province to recover from the impact of the floods and “build back better” through three interlinked outputs as follows:

1.            Disaster resilient livelihoods and economic opportunities for the flood-affected people in Gaza Province restored and improved:

2.            Capacity of local authorities and communities’ livelihoods recovery strengthened:

3.            Coordination of livelihoods recovery by Early Recovery Cluster strengthened.

Toward this end, UNDP will apply a community-based approach in Gaza province through restoring and developing capacity of local authorities and communities to lead the disaster risk resilient livelihoods recovery process.

This project will form a part of the ongoing support that UNDP is providing to the government through INGC for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. 

The project will be implemented in two phases in line with Early Recovery framework: 1) to respond to the urgent needs with the interventions to help stabilize livelihoods and build the foundation for sustainable development pathways; 2) to further enhance and sustain medium-long term local economic recovery and development, building upon the foundation made through phase I.

What have we accomplished so far?

The project is in the process of being launched. In order to ensure Government participation and ownership at the district levels it was important to discuss the proposed activities with representatives of the affected districts. 

To this end, a one day workshop was held on June 26, 2013 in Xai-Xai city with members of the Technical Provincial Council for Disaster Management (CTPGC) and relevant District governmental members from Chibuto, Xai-Xai, Chókwè and Guijá [permanent secretaries’ districts accompanied by the head of the District Service for Planning and Infrastructure (SDPI)]

The workshop was chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the province and in total there were 27 participants. Proposed amendments for the work plan are currently being reviewed and the project implementation activities will be launched as soon as these are consolidated.

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount
 BCPR $500,000.00
BCPR $500,000.00

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