Environment and Energy

Environmental protection protection, particularly in the context of climate change has become an amplifier and multiplier of all some of the most formidable challenges Mozambique faces, whether related to human health, population growth, energy insecurity, or the pressure on food resources, water and others. To address these challenges, the Government of Mozambique, with UNDP support and other development partners, has developed a national climate change response strategy, which includes both climate adaptation measures as well as mitigation and low carbon development.

Our Goals

We support Mozambique in strengthening national capacity to manage the environment in a sustainable manner to advance poverty reduction efforts. Working with the government and in partnership with other stakeholders, we support capacity building initiatives that seek to mainstream environmental considerations into development plans and strategies, secure resources, and implement programmes to support sustainable and resilient development. more

Environemntal protection for sustainable development

Mozambique is among the most disaster prone countries in the world. The occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, drought and earthquakes has consistently had a significant impact on people and the economy. Climate change effects have the potential to increase this risk in the future, and can easily undermine development efforts and increase vulnerability of poor people, who depend disproportionately on the environment for their livelihoods. Additionally, the legacy of the violence of years past in Mozambique continues to pose a real, albeit diminished threat. Residual mines, unexploded ordnance and questionable safety of stockpile depots are issues that demand attention, if a safe environment for sustainable development is to be guaranteed (Photo UNDP Moz.)more

Our Stories

Seventh Mozambique province declared land mine free
Community celebration as Inhambane is declared mine free
Seventh Mozambique province declared land mine free

Mozambique’s southern Inhambane province has been declared free of land mines. On the 6th of November, a ceremony was held in the Inhassoro District to celebratemore 

Mines and environment
Injured by land mine while being carried on her mother's back (Phot:UNDP Moz.)
Caring for the people and the environment by clearing land mines

I was passing through a field in my village after the war when I stepped on a landmine. I had my little girl on my back.more 

This project assisted the community in adapting climate change (Photo: UNDP Moz)
Adapting to climate change in southern Mozambique

“Here in Nalazi, nature is dry, very dry. When it rains, the soil is gets inundated all over, but in a while, everything is gone. Nomore 

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