Eight Goals for 2015

MDGs in Mozambique

A child is innaculated Three of the eight MDGs are health related, combating HIV and AIDS, child and maternal mortality (Photo: UNDP Moz)

In September 2000, Mozambique was one of 191 nations that adopted the Millennium Declaration and its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs ) which provide the framework for a common global vision of a world in which the all people’s right to development is  fulfilled. In order to make this vision a reality, 8 goals where established, 21 targets and 60 indicators were systematized to be achieved by 2015.

These goals are re-orienting development policy towards pro-poor policies, equitable and inclusive growth and enhanced social spending for the poor. Five of the MDGs are social sector oriented, with three of them health-related (HIV&AIDS, maternal and infant mortality). Both government and its partners, including civil society and donors have endorsed and support the MDGs.

The Government of Mozambique has established clear linkages and synergies between the MDGs and its national development priorities. For instance, since 2000, the MDGs have been integrated into the major national planning and budgeting instruments among them the successive Five-Year Government Programs and Action Plans for Poverty Reduction Strategies.  

Mozambique produced four Progress Reports on the implementation of the MDGs (2002, 2005, 2008 and 2010 ). Each year, however, the implementation MDGs is monitored through the Economic and Social Plan. In this manner, MDGs have played a significant role in assessing the stage of human development in the national level and inform design and development of social policies and programs.

Meeting the MDGs promise

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