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The Government of Mozambique, the Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched, in a ceremony in Maputo on July 10, 2020, the Project entitled ‘Promoting Peace, Social Cohesion and Conflict Prevention in Cabo Delgado’.

The project’s implementation will be coordinated by UNDP in partnership with the Home Affairs Ministry the Mozambique Police, the Ministry of State Administration and Civil Service with important funding contribution from the Government of Japan.

The project will promote peace and social cohesion and conflict prevention mechanisms by strengthening institutional capacity, sensitization, community engagement and livelihoods in Cabo Delgado. It will also contribute to national efforts for recovery and resilience in communities affected by the Cyclone Kenneth in 2019.

During the ceremony, the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kimura Hajime, stated: “The Government of Japan has decided to support mainly displaced population groups and communities with existing tensions due to violent conflicts by improving awareness of violence prevention and livelihood capacity in Cabo Delgado. This is because poverty and marginalization are some of the risk factors that can increase instability in the province.  Based on this intention, Japan will support Mozambique through a grant (in total 643 thousand dollars) through UNDP. We will support about 3,200 households (around 16,000 people) through this project. Japan has historically been one of the key contributors toward the development of Mozambique, and we will continue to support the country while collaborating with the international society in a positive manner.”

UNDP Resident Representative a.i, Mr. Francisco Roquette, also highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of vulnerability and promoting social cohesion to achieve durable solutions for sustainable development in Cabo Delgado.  Mr. Roquette noted that “the joint efforts of the Government and UNDP to support vulnerable people, particularly youth and women, in Cabo Delgado will be key to protect them from risks factors of violence. Through this project, he said, “we envisage not only containing the ongoing conflict but also creating enabling environments where communities can enjoy social and economic development in a sustainable fashion”. Mr. Roquette also expressed appreciation for the longstanding support that the Government of Japan has been providing to UNDP for global development and thanked Ambassador Kimura, on behalf of the people of Japan, for the important contribution to improve resilience and social cohesion in Mozambique, particularly in the province of Cabo Delgado.


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