Post-Cyclone Idai: Youth recovers his livelihood and helps affected communities to build stronger houses

Income generation activities held by UNDP support Helder and other 155 local masons to recover their livelihoods in the construction field.  

Post-Cyclone Idai: Young mother starts business of improved stoves and empowers women in her community

UNDP Mozambique has supported 103,000 households affected by cyclones through economic recovery activities. Read the story of Estrela who has attended income-generation projects of UNDP.  

UNDP supports post cyclone Resilient Housing Project

The Resilient Housing Project was established by UNDP Mozambique to support people displaced by Cyclone Idai.  

Strengthening the City of Beira post- cyclone Waste Management Capacity - UNDP Mozambique

UNDP successfully supported the city of Beira in dealing with post cyclone waste management  

Southern Africa Regional Training of Female Police Officers

As part of the Spotlight Initiative, Police Female Officers from Southern Africa gathered for the fist time in Maputo to receive training on dealing with gender based violence  

The success story of biodiversity conservation in Gorongosa National Park

This video documents UNDP part of UNDP's support to the Gorongosa National Park contributing to conservation of threatened species, improved biodiversity enforcement and expanded protected areas…  

Mozambique declared “mine free”

More than 20 years after its civil war ended, the Government of Mozambique announced on September 17, that the country was free from the threat of landmines, meaning there are no more known minefields…  

Africa Forum Focuses on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Development

Representatives from four African countries convened in Mozambique’s capital Maputo from August 26 to 28 for a south-south Leadership Development Forum on climate change and disaster risk reduction…  

Mozambique launches an environment conservation foundation

On June 10, Mozambique launched a new, multi-million dollar conservation foundation known as the Biofund  

Ninth of Ten Mozambican Provinces Declared Mine-Free

Mozambique came another step closer to being declared mine-free on 16th of April when Manica became the ninth Mozambican province to have completed clearance in all known mined areas.  

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