Sustainable and inclusive

economic transformation

Sustainable economic transformation that leaves no one behind

The programme is supporting enhancing the capacity of national systems and institutions for policy coordination, targeting and implementation. This aims to achieve economic diversification, and the sustainable use of natural resources to promote resilient growth and create livelihood opportunities, key factors for inclusive development and prosperity.

The programme seeks to strengthen economic policy coherence, promoting a robust business environment, and improving data analysis, to support the economic transformation required to improve productivity and reduce poverty and inequality.

It also aims to improve gender-sensitive data collection, and analysis, to strengthen the monitoring and coordination of economic policy, facilitating the alignment of national plans, the sustainable development goals, and aid coordination mechanisms.

Through thought leadership, research, and advocacy for inclusive economic growth the proramme promotes the directing of funds, including those deriving from natural resources, to pro-poor economic sectors, creating an enabling environment for private sector development. 

 Our projects

The Engagement Facility for SDGs Localisation
SDGs and Policy Coherence



live in rural areas, mostly along the coastline. Livelihoods depend to a large extent on natural resources, such as rain-fed agriculture and fishing



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